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I am the sexiest guy in this wolrd

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The Dropout with a Doctorate

Bill Cosby ladies and gentleman !!!

A class clown who devoted more time to sports than studies, Bill Cosby flunked the 10th grade and dropped out of high school to join the Navy. While rehabbing injured Korean War servicemen as a physical therapist, Cosby took note of the ethic of personal growth in his fellow navy men. In addition to fulfilling their duties as naval officers, many of his peers were also taking high school and college courses via correspondence.

As Cosby watched his friends struggle with schoolwork that he had no trouble comprehending, he came to two realizations. First, he had above-average intelligence. Second, he was committing a "mental sin" by wasting his intellectual talent. Resolved to make use of his smarts, Cosby enrolled in a distance-learning high school program and gained his diploma.

With a high school degree in hand, Bill Cosby hoped to attend college after his four-year stint with the navy ended. His application impressed Temple University, and he gained admittance. Thanks to his exceptional athleticism (Cosby could run a 10.2 second, 100-yard dash), he was awarded a track and field scholarship.
Although his tuition was paid for, Cosby took a job as a bartender to pay for his room and board. His wit and humor connected with customers who demanded to hear more of his jokes. As word spread about the comical bartender, Cosby began receiving opportunities to entertain audiences as a paid comedian.

As his popularity grew, Cosby faced a choice: should he stay in school or pursue a career in comedy? He agonized over the choice, but decided to dropout of school for the second time in his life. He quickly attained fame, lining up performances across America in major cities, appearing on The Tonight Show, and recording a comedy album.
Bill Cosby's reputation jumped another level after he was cast in the espionage adventure, I Spy. As the show's co-star, he captured three consecutive Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Yet for Cosby, fame was never the endgame. While he enjoyed making people laugh, he felt motivated by a deeper responsibility. In particular, he was burdened by the plight of children who were poorly educated. In trying to figure out how he could contribute to education in America, Cosby felt the need to increase his understanding of how kids learn. So, as a celebrity in his mid-30s, Bill Cosby went back to school.

Despite not having completed his undergraduate studies, the University of Massachusetts admitted Cosby based on the merit of his career accomplishments. Over the course of the 1970s, Bill Cosby earned his masters degree and doctorate in education. Armed with newfound knowledge Cosby leveraged his talent like never before. He starred in the educational programs Children's Theater (NBC) and Electric Company (PBS), hosted Picture Pages and Wake Up (CBS) and then, in the 1980s, produced and acted in one of the all-time great sitcoms, The Cosby Show.
As The Cosby Show made its run, Cosby expanded his repertoire by developing his skills as an author. His comical yet poignant writing led to successful books on fatherhood, marriage, and childhood. Now in the twilight of his career, Cosby remains active, lobbying for educational reform and raising funds for educational charities.

The life story of Bill Cosby attests to the power of personal growth. Having neglected education early in life, in his twenties, Cosby dedicated himself to developing his potential. Getting his high school degree put him back on track in life. Then, even after achieving stardom, Cosby felt compelled to sharpen his mind by going back to college. He didn't rest on his success but kept pushing himself to grow. Later in life, he continued learning-gaining competence as a producer and author.
How does contemplating Bill Cosby's life impact you? Have you made a commitment to personal growth? Do you have a system to aid you in continual learning

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good stuff by good men.. or women #1

we all experience discouragements all the time, but it's all in our mind, happy reading

It's hard to imagine a time when Samuel L. Jackson wasn't an A-List celebrity, but twenty years ago he was a frustrated, little-known actor who couldn't seem to breakthrough. Despite his prodigious talents, as of his 41st birthday Jackson could claim nothing more notable than a few minor cameos. Intensely discouraged, he turned to cocaine and quickly developed a dependency on the drug. Within a year, he hit rock bottom. When his wife and eight-year old daughter discovered him passed out on the kitchen floor, there was no denying that he had lost control.
After finding Jackson unconscious, his wife LaTanya immediately checked him into a rehabilitation clinic. For the first time, Samuel L. Jackson was forced to face up to his anger and discouragement, and he began to make life changes. To his credit, Jackson submitted himself to the recovery process, and with the encouragement of his family, he was able to break his addiction. Less than twelve months later, he finally achieved stardom for his supporting role in Jungle Fever. From then on, his reputation grew steadily, and his career flourished. Today, he is regarded as one of Hollywood's finest and hardest-working actors.
What can we learn from Samuel L. Jackson's journey?
No one is immune to discouragement.
Regardless of your personality, potential, or position you will encounter discouragement at some point in life.
Our response to discouragement holds the key to our future.
I've noted two types of people in the world: splatters and bouncers. When splatters hit the bottom they land with a thud and stick like glue. No matter what you try to say and do, there's no use trying to pick up a splatter who has fallen flat. Bouncers on the other hand, pull themselves together and rebound after hitting the bottom. Give them a little bit of encouragement, and they will ride it back up to the top.
Everyone who falters has a choice: are you going to get up or give up? The difference between the splatters and bouncers lies in their attitude. Splatters bemoan their fate and blame others for their problems. Bouncers learn from their failures and find supporters to help them recover.
Our influence can be pivotal in rescuing others from self-destructive discouragement.
Imagine if Samuel L. Jackson had not been married, or if the people who cared about him had not intervened on his behalf. He might never have checked into rehab, he might never have beaten his drug addiction, and the world might never have been entertained by his acting. Thankfully for Jackson, he was surrounded by people who loved him and encouraged him as he recovered from substance abuse.
In leadership, inevitably you will cross paths with someone who is downtrodden. When you do, your encouragement can be a lifeline to save them from spiraling into self-destructive despair. Here's how you can counteract discouragement:
1) Guide Them to the Right Perspective

People who are discouraged oftentimes seem trapped under a black raincloud. Everywhere they turn appears to be dark, and they cannot see rays of light anywhere. As a leader, you can point to the positives and help them to keep hope alive. In additional, you can assist the discouraged person in properly interpreting setbacks. Remind them that just because they experienced failure doesn't mean they are a failure.
2) Connect Them to the Right People
You may encounter people whom you have limited ability to encourage because you can't relate to their area of discouragement. For instance, if you've never been in sales, it can be hard to cheer up a dispirited salesperson. However, within your network, you may know someone who has undergone similar frustrations in sales and would be glad to share some encouragement from his or her experience.
Also, the depth of someone's discouragement may necessitate professional assistance. In the middle of his drug addiction, Samuel L. Jackson didn't need a pep talk from a buddy as much as he needed medical care and attention from a licensed counselor. Sometimes the best service you can do for someone who has hit rock bottom is to persuade him or her to get help.
3) Restore Them with the Right Words
Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones, at one time the greatest heart surgeon in England, says this in his excellent work, Spiritual Depression, It's Cause and Cure: "Most of your unhappiness in life is due to the fact that you are listening to yourself rather than talking to yourself." Think about it. When you're discouraged, you wake up in the morning and right away, there are streams of thought coming into your mind. You haven't invited them; you didn't ask for them; you are not consciously doing anything to produce them; they just come! They start talking to you.
As a leader, you can help people filter unfounded fears and unwarranted worries from their inner dialogue. After doing so, you have the opportunity to speak affirming and encouraging words that can take the place of negative thoughts. Once people change their thinking, their attitudes and actions eventually follow

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What's your stand aye?

Where do you get your strength from? Where do you get your inspiration from? Is it from the daily joys of Life? Or from the knowing that God is with you no matter what?

Some say they bask in the comfort of God. Some say they obtain energy from Love. Others say they take whatever Life gives them and deals with it. True strength means taking everything in your stride and accepting things for what they are.

"May the Lord grant me the strength to change the things I can change, and intelligence to know what I cannot change. And the wisdom to know the difference between them."

If everyone can do this, the world would be less chaotic. If God were to exist, I know not what He would think about the world now. Perhaps as omnipotent and omniscient as He is, He chose not to reveal himself in order to let us humans guide ourselves to the path of salvation. That is, if we choose to believe in Him, of course.

If one were to believe in God, then one would believe in the Devil as well. I am of the idea that God and the Devil exists within everyone of us. Everytime we do something bad/evil/not good, the Devil within us has gained control. When we suppress those dark thoughts and actions, the God within us is in control. It is a never-ending battle which determines your actions.

If one draws strength from Love, then take care that it is not a misguided Love. For I have seen examples of many who did unreasonable things due to misguided Love. How do we differentiate from True Love and Misguided Love? We can separate True Love into many parts. They may include: Friendship, Family, your Love Partner or perhaps just a general Love.

It is the truth when I say that many do not experience True Love in this convoluted world. When I am around my friends, however, I feel that the future may yet hold some hope...

So tell me, where do you draw your strength from? It doesn't matter.

Love Life, Love Yourself, Love Friends, Love everything around you. May the metaphysical beings guide your path to Happiness...

Yours truly, copyrighted

Found this in my friends' post and find every bit of it interesting. Surely what he has to say is true enough, but to answer his question

Is it truly that everyday on Saturday service we enjoy life, or with friends can we really say that, that is the life we've been waiting for?
Solomon with all his wisdom and riches still saw to it that everything was of a waste of time, to see that every act done in this world will disappear and everything we've worked for is as of chasing the wind. ( Ecclesiastes 1:14)
I think truly that everyday to live on is a blessing for there is really God's love in the midst of desperation.

today is a gift, that's why it's called a present

love as the bible says it,
is not a relationship not an emotion but a decision where love is patient and kind, not self seeking and not rude, it always protects hopes and trusts. (1 corinthians 13:4)
so to say to love ain't easy at all.
it's easy to say that things aren't there when we can't see it but true faith is believing without seeing. And not so many in the world can do that,
but there is a promise that

If we bask in hope, we will soar on the wings of and eagle where we will run and not grow weary we will walk and not falter (Isaiah 40:31) and this is the truth. As King Solomon would conclude his findings of wisdom, the very gift of life should be enjoyed and lived to the full ( from where my bible limits are) . to live to the full, will require another long post, but it's a promise that keeps me hanging on knowing that there is life for the insignificant life itself at the very end of the tunnel.

note, some of the bible versus were changed in accordance to the fluency of this post, please refer to the NIV version for my guidance tq.

no animals was hurt during th process either, All the best God Bless

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the power of unity

Well, It’s been a real long time since I updated, under the request of name I shall update XD thank you so much name :P

So in what should be one of the highlights for this year I’ll update this first.
Our house got first for most of the categories. It would be impossible for me to jot down every detail of what I’ve been through throughout the year but it has been remarkable. Indeed I’ve had the priviledge to join a class who is really blessed and skilled in different areas of various professions. To compromise with certain events and goals, we had to disperse into different committees which consist of IT, designers trainers, food, house captain, cheerleaders, trainers under the supervision of the house captain guided by the teachers. Well im sure you all know this haha but going through all of this, I can really appreciate biodiversity because everyone was so focused on doing their own part. And doing very well as a matter of fact. We were breaking many barriers. Things that were demanding, sacrificial but bore fruits.

It was just so remarkable as everyone of different strengths came together as one to work one one penultimate goal that is the sky is the limit. The designers were outstanding in such a way as they made Detailed designs and structures were made and alliance and relationships built in between.
Im very proud to say that all of these events ended peacefully. No reason to shed some blood over some competition right? Why risk it when the only outcome is a loss?
we were champaigning in our camps despite our rivalry in between.
Well being a trainer and an athlete, the biggest joy that i had was not winning three golds and three silvers. But it was the fact that the people I trained grew in confidence and maturity and overcame strongholds. I always tell our junior members to run with confidence and belief of a champion. So after sports day this girl wrote in her facebook shoutout. That even though we got second place, we are still champions in our hearts.
It felt sweeter than the rest of my achievements, the impact that you can have on people's lives in soo amazing.
Despite our loss in the dance competition ( 1st runner up) we’ve still won over the people’s hearts.

The greatest reward was not in the destination, but in the journey

God has been so real as well as he showed how sportsmanship can reflect his awesome love in different ways. While we were lining up for athletic events or leadership roles, we gathered together to pray despite being in different houses we prayed for the very best results that we can give to the people who sacrificed for these days. It was awesome. The bonding, the honesty, well I can say is first class. And all that.this just shows God can happen anywhere in your life. ANYWHERE :P
sadly all that we worked for had to end in one day. but the memories we've had will last forever. school starts next week and it'll be interesting to see what God and life has to offer next. SPM results coming soon T.T but i promised myself i gave my very best, so no regrets.

Once again the wonders of how unity, trust and teamwork can go a long way. This is Max Yong, still enjoying the good life, all the best, God Bless

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sorry guys for the late update, been busy with sports day, it’s seems just so crazy isn’t it that we’re always busy with “THINGS” well you know the acronyms, just tells it all
Not sure about the B though
I’ve been thinking a Lot about purpose lately, there’s been this relentless affection that’s a part of me that wants to be in Institut Sinaran, why not right?
All my friends, practically the ones I’ve hanged out with five years ago are there, new environment, college drama, freedom of fashion, Student Council Excitements, intriguing extra-curricular activities, long recess time enough for a game of futsal, interesting lectures and my favorite, biodiversity.
I’ve heard lots of stories about UEC, how terrifying it is. How history has made a name for itself, throughout the years where everything was all for just the wild month of an unforgettable sports day. Everything after that would be just a nightmare. Even the students who once shared the spotlight in the elite form of SPM had their fall from grace in this unpredictable challenge. So why not go to IS where the grass is greener on the other side?
I question myself why do I do this to myself, With all the relentless responsibilities in school, starting as a freshman in IS doesn’t sound too shabby. But God’s promises won’t let go of me. There is still so much to witness and experience in ttss. And Indefinitely following God, He will uphold my needs.
Went to a house camp recently, and it was awesome. I’ve experienced an awesome unity in the class of schoolmates and it was inspirational. And it’s just incredible how this event of the year pulls the entire school as one body. Great things come through unity and the tower of Babel is a testimony to that. I guess Sometimes choices were made perfect because of moments like this. In the year 2010, indefinitely it will be fruitful and the seed will be sowed.
But Despite all of the promises, we tend to focus on problems. We tend to weep on shortcomings and in the end, God loses His place in our hearts to priorities. As Ps Kong Hee has said before, when all else fails, you stand by the Lord. The promise and not the problem
All god’s promises won’t let go of me.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


haha yes, SPM is over, not officially over but technically it's over XD.
didnt feel like posting this up, but to some events led me to XD.
SPM was fun. i'll give you that. the hard part aint doing it really, it's preparing it that's draining. but valuable lessons learnt throughout this year's journey and i thank God for every mistake and mshaps that lead me to where i am now.

so yea it's almost the end with chinese left to fill the gap. so to speak we're only left with three weeks of hols to let go and let loose. that's a bum. three weeks for three years of work. hrm.... a guys cant have too many hols i guess.

so, been working on 2010 resolutions. want to be prepared and prioritise this time around on my ambitions. time flies too fast to just lay around.
but the sweet irony is this. here i am trying to rush every blessing that God has in store for me and i bump into this passage.

Abraham spent a great part of His life waiting for his promises to be fulfilled."Now the Lord had said to Abram:

"Get out of your country, from your family and from your father's house, to a land that I will show you." Gen. 12:1

"So Abram departed as the Lord had spoken to him ... And Abram was seventy-five years old when he departed from Haran." Gen. 12:4

Bible scholars tell us that this was not the first time that God called him out. Apparently, the first time God spoke to Abram was 25 years earlier.

Now, what exactly did God promise him? If you will read in verses 2 and 3, you will see that there are exactly 7 promises given to Abram. But most of these promises were not fulfilled immediately.

You see, to become a great nation, you've first got to have many descendants. But how can you talk about descendants when you don't even have a son?

Abraham didn't have his son Isaac until he was 100 years old! God's promise to give him a son took 25-50 years to come to pass

coinkidink? haha dont think so,
it's amazing how God has been so patient with us when were so stead fast in flashing forward. God is great and amazing.

i knew after all of this i'd have a looong post and i was right XD

been feeling a tad bit wierd lately. not my usual active self. haha i'm feeling it too? maybe it's so much bout SPM?
i dont think so,
but i feel recently i've been succumbed into an emotional state that i cant get away from. call it mid life crisis? nah, still a long way till mid-life. for pete's sake im only 17 haha.
well "bumped" into one of God's message again , and it's funny how stuff just connects to things y'know XD

You can know for a fact that people will never value you the way God does. This is because the value that people place on you tends to be emotionally driven. If they are happy with you, you are wonderful and you are of great value to them. However, if they are upset with you, your value will change; it will drop. So it is important not to make the mistake of trying to draw our self-esteem and sense of value from other people. The end result would only be hurt and disappointment. It is important and wonderful for us to encourage and to give value to one another. But the reality is that the only One that can give you a consistent sense of worth and value is God

i think a lot of it has to do what the passage above says. a lot of it has to do with expectations, and sometimes we live up too much to people's expectations, we lose out on God's expectations. we risk being pulled into human's self worth instead of God's wonderful value on us. i have a feeling a lot of us fallout on our self worth.
it's not the things around us that make us for who we really are, but the value we put on those things in our life.